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Op-ed articles 

2017 "Canada's Doomsday Election of Dec 17, 1917" Toronto Star, 14 December

2017 "John A. was Canada in his Day and Age: His Name Should Endure", 31 August

2016 "Without a Referendum, Electoral Reform is Unconstitutional" The Globe and Mail, 23 June 

2016 "How Ontario's Election Reforms Prop up Your Municipal Councillors" Ottawa Citizen, 16 June

2016 "Toronto Needs Political Parties" Toronto Star, 13 April

2015 "Trudeau's arrogant, misguided approach to electoral reform" Toronto Star, 9 December

2015 "Sins of the Father" The National Post, 11 January 2015

2014 “Daring to Remember Sir John A.” The Toronto Star, 18 February 2014.

2013 “Sir John A. Macdonald Deserves an Ave.” The Toronto Star, 30 December 2013

2011 “Take hope, Liberals lesson of history is you can survive” The Toronto Star, 19 September 2011 (with David MacKenzie)

2011 “When Brûlé dipped his Paddle into History” The Toronto Star, 17July 2011

2006 “The Great Fiscal Imbalance Debate … of 1906” The Globe and Mail, 7 October 2006

2006 “No Strings: Political Meddling can Harm the Civil Service” Winnipeg Free Press, 6 April 2006.

2005 “Not Much Cheer on Labour Day” The Toronto Star, 5 September 2005 (with Ron Saunders)

1988 "Trudeau 20 years on: Time to Reconsider the Legends" The Globe and Mail, June 24, 1988

1987 "Les réformismes soviétiques d'hier" La Presse, 14 décembre 1987.

1987 "La république d'Algérie a 25 ans: Dans l'ombre de Boumediene" L’Express de Toronto, 14 juillet 1987.


Articles in Refereed Journals:


Patrice Dutil and Julie Williams, "Regulation Governance in the New Digital Era: A Research Agenda" Canadian Public Administration 60:4 (December 2017)


Patrice Dutil, ""Crowdsourcing as a new instrument in the government's arsenal: Explorations and considerations" Canadian Public Administration 58:3 (September 2015);


Patrice Dutil, “Experiential Learning in the Consituency Office: Educational Innovation at Ryerson University” Canadian Parliamentary Review 37:2 (Summer 2014): 20-24

Patrice Dutil, "Paths, Precedents, Parallels and Pendulums: The uses of the Past in Public Policy and Administration,"  Canadian Public Administration 57:3 (September 2014):  419-435


Patrice Dutil and Peter P. Constantinou “The Office of Premier of Ontario, 1945-2010: Who Really Advises?”  Canadian Parliamentary Review, Spring 2013,  36-43.

Patrice Dutil and Peter Ryan, “The Bonds of Institutional Language: A Discursive Institutionalism Approach to the Clerk of the Privy Council’s Annual Report” Canadian Public Administration, Vol 56, No. 1, 2013, 26-46. ***This article won the "Hodgetts Award for Best Article Published in CPA in 2013 (English)".***


Scott Barrett and Patrice Dutil, “Social Learning, Feedback Loops, and Public Spheres: Implementing a Values-based Management Model in Heritage Conservation” Journal of the Society for the Study of ARCHITECTURE in CANADA  (Vol 37, no 1) 17-26.


Patrice Dutil, “Prime Ministers and Public Administration” Canadian Public Administration, Vol 51, No. 2 (June 2008), pp. 335-354.

Patrice Dutil, Cosmo Howard, John Langford, Jeffrey Roy, “Rethinking Government-Public Relationships in a Digital World: Customers, Clients or Citizens?” Journal of Information Technology and Politics, Vol 1, No. 1, 77-90.


P. A. Dutil, "The Politics of Muzzling 'Lucifer's Representative': A Challenge to Wilfrid Laurier's Liberalism" Journal of Canadian Studies, Vol. XXVI, No.3, Summer 1993. pp 113-29.

Republished in: Michael Behiels (ed.) Quebec Since 1800: Selected Readings, Irwin Publishing, 2001,  271-289.


P.A. Dutil, "The Politics of Progressivism in Quebec: The Gouin 'coup' Revisited" The Canadian Historical Review, Vol. LXIX, 4, Fall 1988, pp. 441-465.


Articles in Non-refereed Publications:

2017  "Why Trudeau Abandonned Electoral Reform" in the Literary Review of Canada (May 2017) 

         "The Erosion of Canada's Democracy"  Inside Policy (June 2017) i

2016  "Laurier in Quebec: A Battle on Six Fronts" Inside Policy, February 2016, 13-14

2015 "Macdonald's Enduring Success in Quebec" in Canadian Issues, Summer, pp 26-31.

2015 "How Will Sir John A. be Remembered in his Third Century?" Inside Policy, February, 22-23

2012 “The Ghost of Elections Past: 1988 and 1911” Inside Policy, October, 30-33.

2008 “The Six Skills of Secretaries to Cabinet” Public Sector Management (volume 10, 2) June.

2007 "Time for a new, networked public service” (with Tim Reid), Policy Options 28:10 (November): 80-84.

2005 “Towards a new Accountability: “Governance Dialogue” Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Association 25th Anniversary Journal, 2005, pp.85-95 (with Michael McConkey)

2005 “Twenty Steps to Sustainable Public-Private Collaboration” Public Sector Management (December 2005) (with John Langford and Jeffrey Roy), pp 10-12.

2005 “What Next? Ontario’s IT Task Force Begs Some Questions” CIO Magazine, October 2005, pp. 20-21, (with John Langford and Jeffrey Roy), pp 15-17.

2005 “IT Governance: A Review of Ontario’s Special Task Force”, Optimum Online, Vol. 35, Issue 3, September 2005 (with John Langford and Jeffrey Roy), 4 pp.

2005 “How does this work, anyway?  Gomery takes another look at Ottawa’s machinery” The Beaver, February 2005, p. 20.

1996 "Monsieur Pivot's Visit” The Literary Review of Canada (July 1996)

1994 "A Summer Chill" Canada Remembers (April 1994)

1994 "Un vent froid en plein été" Le Canada se souvient (avril 1994)

1986 "Students are Apathetic Readers" The Excalibur, November 6, 1986.




2017 John Hilliker, Mary Halloran, Greg Donaghy, Canada's Department of External Affairs, Vol. 3: Innovation and Adaptation, 1968-1984. University of Toronto Press.

2016 Jack Lucas, Fields of Authority: Special Purpose Governance, 1815-2015, University of Toronto Press.

2016 Christopher Alcantara and Jen Nelles, A Quiet Evolution: The Emergence of Indigenous-Local Intergovernmental Partnerships in Canada, University of Toronto Press.

2016 Jonathan Craft, Backrooms and Beyond: Partisan Advisers and the Politics of Policy Work in Canada, University of Toronto Press.

2016 Peter Elsen (ed.),  Funding Policies and the Non-Profit Sector in Western Canada: Evolving Relationships in a Changing Environment. University of Toronto Press.

2015 David Siegel, Leaders in the Shadows: The Leadership Qualities of Municipal Chief Administrative Officers University of Toronto Press.

2014 David A. Good, The Politics of Public Money (2nd edition) University of Toronto Press.

2014 Charles Conteh and Bob Segsworth (eds.), Governance in Northern Ontario, University of Toronto Press.

2014 Jacques Bourgault and Christopher Dunn (eds). Deputy Ministers in Canada, University of Toronto Press.

2014 Gregory J. Inwood and Carolyn Johns (eds). Commissions of Inquiry and Policy in Canada. University of Toronto Press. 

2013 David Zussman, Off and Running: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Government Transitiosn in Canada  University of Toronto Press.

2012 Peter Graefe et al (eds.) Overpromising and Underperforming? Understanding and Evaluating New Intergovernmental Accountability Regimes (University of Toronto Press),  ix-xi .

2012 Gregory Marchildon (ed.) Making Medicare: New Perspectives on the History of Medicare in Canada (University of Toronto Press), vii-iii .

2010 Robert Wardaugh, Behind the Scenes: The Life and Work of William Clifford Clark (University of Toronto Press), 1-2.

2010 Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly and John Martin (eds) Local Government in a Global World (University of Toronto Press),  1-2.

2004 Edmund P. Fowler, Cities, Culture and Granite (Guernica), pp 1-3.


Learned Encyclopedia Entries

2016 "Godfroy Langlois" in Yvan Lamonde et al (eds.) Dictionnaire des intellectuels Québécois (forthcoming)

2011 “Napoléon Belcourt” Dictionary of Canadian Biography Vol XVI, 1931-1940 (University of Toronto Press)

2006 “L’Écho des Deux-Montagnes” and “Le Pays” in Pierre Hébert et al (eds) Dictionnaire de la censure au Québec-Littérature et cinéma (Presses de l’Université de Sherbrooke)

2005 “Godfroy Langlois, 1866-1928“ Dictionary of Canadian Biography Vol XV, 1921-1930 (University of Toronto Press), p. 150.


Technical Reports:

2006 “The Top Ten Topics in Public Administration” New Directions #19 (Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 2006) (with Michael McConkey) 69 pp.

2005 “Public-Private Partnerships in E-Government: Best Practices in  Service Transformation” New  Directions #17 (Institute of Public Administration of Canada) (with John Langford and  Jeffrey Roy). 52 pp.

2005 “New Approaches in Achieving Compliance with Statutory Employment Standards” New Directions #15 (Institute of Public Administration of Canada) (with Ron Saunders). 45 pp.

2004 “The Prospects and Promise of Alternative Service Delivery in Municipalities”, New Directions #14 (Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 2004) (with Toby Fyfe and Michael McConkey), 88 pp.

2004  “Making Connections: Municipal Governance Priorities Today” New Directions #13 (Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 2004) (edited, with Michael McConkey), 135 pp.

2003 “Competitive Cities, Healthy Communities: Charting Collaboration” New Directions #12  (Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 2003), 74 pp.