“Reinventing Leadership: Courage under Fire: An interview with Shelly Jamieson and Dan Perrins”

at the IPAC Leadership Conference, Toronto, February 21, 2013

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"The Purple Zone: Ministers and Deputy Ministers: An Interview with Carol Layton and John Wilkinson" at the IPAC Leadership Conference, Toronto, February 14, 2012.

 “Secretary to Cabinets in Action: an Interview with Jessica MacDonald and Paul Lafleche” Wicked Problems. Wicked Times. Today’s Leadership Reality Conference. (Toronto, Ontario) 7 February 2010.

“Interview with Marc Lalonde” Glendon College Graduate Studies Conference Series (23 March 2010)

 “Leading A Team: an interview with Tony Dean and Bob Fowler” Stepping up to the Plate: A-team in Action Conference (Toronto, Ontario) 9 November 2009